The year 2020 brought about a huge move toward working from home. While a global pandemic caused many people to quarantine this year, companies are starting to recognize the system’s cost benefits. Not having to pay for office space is a huge saving, plus working from home saves people on their commutes and allows them to spend more time with family. If you’re running a small business, operating on a work-from-home model may be the best decision for your organization.

Working from home may be more convenient, but there are still steps you need to take to create an effective workspace. This new configuration will mean you need to improve your digital platforms since that will be your primary way of communicating with your team and your customers. You also will want to commit to effective office space so your workday can be as productive as possible. Consider an upgrade for your communication software so you can set up your team for success on each new project. It is a good idea to adjust some of your practices and look for the best tools as you start working from home. Here are just a few things you need to thrive.

Build a great digital platform for your team and your customers.

If you are operating completely from home, you need to rely on digital platforms to run your business. From meetings with staff to operating systems to data analytics to customer service, you need a website that can do it all. It may be time to upgrade your mobile app and web design. The easiest way to streamline your systems is to keep everything centralized and effective. This applies to you and your staff as well as how your customers interact with your site. Ask do you need React to build your custom app? This program encourages single-page applications and functions as a custom template for clients to create unique orders. This function component monitors consumer interactions so it can easily adjust to the needs of your clients. It also allows you to work more efficiently with a web design and digital platform that can be accessed anywhere. This helps your whole team stay on the same page, even when you’re all working from different spaces.

Create an effective workspace or home office.

Working from home is great because you get to stay in your own space. However, if you hope to be productive with your workday, you may need upgrades to home offices. Working out of your living room or dining table can actually be distracting. Plus, your brain can have trouble focusing while you’re in your relaxation space and vice versa. Invest in accessories and furniture that can enhance your workflow and user experience. Set up the same way you would in an office. Get a usable file cabinet, make sure your router is working, and have an office chair you can sit in for eight hours a day. By creating a comfortable, productive space, you set yourself up for success to work from home.

Keep communication centralized.

One of the biggest challenges to working from home is keeping your communication centralized. You can’t walk down the hall to another staff member’s office like you can in a traditional work setting. Instead, you have to set up communication channels that work remotely. Set up video meetings and have goal-tracking software that lets you know how the team is doing overall. Communicating with your customers also needs to be centralized. Work to create a streamlined, cloud-based database where all your team can access client information whenever they need it. This will help you operate effectively even from different places.