Many of us have unfortunately fallen prey to cycles of overspending where we find ourselves dipping deep into bank accounts that quite frankly can’t handle the reckless behavior. What follows is nothing short of a panicked downward spiral marked by the sting of regret, and the wish that we’d just had a little more strategic mindfulness in the face of tempting purchases. Well, those days need to continue no more. You can easily regain control of overspending habits by reading up on some helpful ways we’ve identified that can help you cut overspending out of your life. Let’s dive on in.

1. Use Cash

This might seem startlingly simple but sometimes the simplest strategies are the most profound, and easiest ways to introduce a positive change in our lives. In a way, we’re all conditioned to spend dangerously free with debit cards and sometimes even credit cards. Unless you’re obsessively checking your bank account, you’re likely finding yourself in scenarios where you spend money you thought you had, but ultimately come to learn that you didn’t. Talk about a terrible, anxiety-inducing realization.

Thus, leaving your cards at home and bringing cash out with you instead can be a great way to counteract this unfortunate life development. Just make sure that you have one of those handy premium leather wallets. Not only will you be making the conscious effort toward avoiding overspending, but you’ll also be doing it in style with the fancy leather wallet.

2. Embrace the coupon life.

There’s a strange stigma around coupons that it’s complete nonsense. But now more than ever as we muddle through this disorienting, economically challenging era of the Coronavirus pandemic, all of us can really afford to save a buck whenever the opportunity presents itself. Thus, something like coupons can instantly become your best friend when on this pursuit. One coupon code later and you might’ve already saved yourself enough to cover half your utility bill, even though you went and bought the coat you’ve been dreaming of adding to your wardrobe. A great place for you to start when you’re looking to add coupons to your money-saving inventory is in the land of Martinelli coupons.

3. Plan your “treat yourself” moments.

Just because you’re on the righteous path toward seizing the reins over your overspending habits doesn’t mean that you still can’t make the effort to set yourself up for the proverbial “treat yourself” every now and again. It’s all about creating a roadmap and budget to achieve this goal though. The good news is that it’s a lot easier to stay motivated to save up money when it comes to saving up for something that you truly want.

We all have a hard enough time saving up for paying off bills and paying rent. So, mix it up and save for something you’ve had your eye of desire on for a while. Maybe you’ll go with the equally therapeutic and luxurious Mani Me. If that’s the route you end up taking too, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of custom-fit stick-on gels developed with proprietary 3D technology. Or, maybe you’ll just snag that fancy bottle of Ros√© you’ve been lusting after, finally.

4. Cook your food at home.

You’re only human after all, and we completely understand the maddening urge to cave for the food delivery services. Maybe it’s especially cold out there, you don’t want to brave the harsh elements, and you just want to order from your favorite Thai restaurant in the neighborhood. Maybe you’re blaming that decision on your fridge and kitchen cabinets being stocked with tons of foods that surpassed their expiration dates. Enough is enough. Take the initiative to stock up on the food items you’ll need to cook delicious dinners from the comfort of your home. Plus, you’ll be able to sink right into a bubbly food coma in your living room right after eating.

5. Reorganize your home.


One of the most notorious contributors towards people overspending is that people go out into the world thinking they need to buy things that they already own. The only reason they don’t know that they own these items in the first place is because of that dang clutter. Clutter is a star player on Mr. Overspending’s team. With clutter around your home, in your medicine cabinet, on your shelves, etc. you very well might be overlooking items that you thought you needed to go out and purchase. Thus, the importance of decluttering your living space can’t be stressed enough.

Don’t wait to declutter your home. You can aim to accomplish this endeavor by seeking out helpful storage space. Or, perhaps even try out a professional organizer. Not only will places like your living room look like they’ve been given new life, but your receipts in the future won’t be something to frown at. On top of that decluttering your home is a great way to purge unwanted energy lingering around your lingering space, and can even boost your mood in the process. Seriously, the decluttering process can be a healing one.