Business is a convoluted series of calculated risks. This is the only way to go about making a name for yourself in the world of commercialization. Whether your firm employs a research team of real estate investors or you seek to create the next best thing in the app store, growing your business influence is a must for anyone looking to expand upon their footprint and create success. These four tips are a surefire way to begin to create this expansion and launch your newest products or services to the larger market.

1. Start with a firm financial picture.

Keeping your finances in order is an essential part of running a successful business of any sort. Many startups look to private money lenders to help them get off the ground in the early days. This is because a hard money lender provides a low-interest infusion of cash without the need to handover equity in the company. Rather than relying on startup investors to get your business off the ground, borrowing from a private money lender can give you the cash you need at a favorable interest rate and friendly repayment terms. The same goes for homeowners looking to purchase real estate — private money lenders offer a uniquely agile service that rivals any traditional financial institution.

2. Don’t forget about marketing.

Your marketing budget is one of the most important components that go into your early successes as a business. Advertising and marketing are the pillars of brand awareness and a growing footprint in the minds of your customers. This means staking your claim to digital real estate and print media in order to get your name out there in front of your prospective clients. Hiring an advertising team to assist in this endeavor is often a great place to begin. A third-party solution is well-versed in the ins and outs of advertising and industry best practices, and this service can be purchased for far cheaper than building out your own in house team in the early days of the business.

3. Lean on digital teams to launch product support services.

Utilizing custom software development services is a great way to round out your product offerings and build a suite of additional services and custom software to go along with your primary products or offerings. Many teams simply don’t have the infrastructure to create the complementary services that go alongside the product itself – like apps or digital content that links in with your business’ offerings. Outsourcing this development work is a great way to focus on the return on investment and profit that you hope to generate without getting lost in the weeds on all the additional software development needs that go alongside your services.

4. Build a professional team that you can rely on.

Becoming an investor in your team is the best way to extract the best practices from each and every one of your new hires. The market is saturated with reliable talent, but creating a team that functions as a unit is often hard to accomplish without a concerted effort to create a professional work environment that works and plays hard. Incentivizing your staff to always perform at peak level is one way to create a professional environment.

It’s also important to remember that each of your staff members is human and needs praise and time to unwind at the end of the day. Maintaining an approachable attitude that gives your team the ability to come to you with problems or ideas is a great way to ensure that your work environment fosters the best in each of your staff.

Growing your business influence takes a broad-strokes approach to improvement. Make sure you don’t let anything fall through the cracks.