Investing is all about the knowledge that you collect along the way. To build a strategy that will continue to pay out dividends, you must continue to amass a trove of data points and information that will help you keep creating returns on your investments. The best way to do this is to read. The most successful investors of our time all spend an amazing amount of their time reading, and it pays off. By reading, you continue to create pathways in your mind that connect facts and realities that seem independent of one another. In reality, the world and all that’s in it exists in one interconnected matrix of information. Each piece of the puzzle applies pressure to those around it, creating domino effects that perpetuate all sorts of change in the world. One of the places where this is the most evident is in stock and commodity trading.

Learning to follow the market flow is critical, and sources of information like WealthRocket are instrumental in transforming yourself from a novice investor that follows a hunch to a seasoned picker that can read the fundamentals of a commodity company and buy-in at the opportune moment. Trusted sources of knowledge are often hard to come by, there is ample information out there, and the only way to parse through the good and the bad is to continue reading and learning all that you can (for more, see Even with the wealth of information out there, some investment opportunities remain head and shoulders ahead of their competition.

1. Get into real estate for enhanced profits.


The real estate marketplace is a fantastic space for growing a portfolio full of valuable assets. Real estate is often pointed to as the priority for high net worth individuals looking to expand their footprint with new commodity buys. But getting into real estate can be done in various ways, which is particularly helpful for those with lower free capital. There are, of course, benefits to buying into real property – with a home, you can tap into the equity value as collateral for other buying opportunities or as a recourse for making the quality of life upgrades to the property that will yield a higher eventual resale value.

However, buying REITs or purchasing shares of another fund that deals in real estate like the Yieldstreet Prism Fund can yield similar results on your investment. Many investors new to the real estate market as ‘what is Yieldstreet?’ but quickly learn of the value of an alternative investment platform like Yieldstreet with its low correlation to the stock market and availability of asset classes that provide robust returns on investment over and above those found in traditional stock market investing.

2. Buy into the internet’s offerings.


Tons of investors are finding the value in purchasing IPv4 sale assets. IP addresses have become a hot commodity in the digital age. Most retail investors are still underappreciated, making them undervalued on the market in the current state of play. IP addresses offer two unique avenues for generating wealth and a higher than average return on investment. This is because an IP address points to two unique things, whereas a physical address corresponds to one location. IP addresses function as the location of a website, but also as the web page itself. This means that IP investors can buy into the diminishing market for IPv4 site locations and the content that graces any particular website that they might choose to buy. The website itself can act as a great source of revenue if you find pages with a steady flow of traffic coming through its doors already. The advertising income that a website can generate is often a great investment on its own, but with the added scarcity of IPv4 addresses continue to create a bottleneck for internet administrators, the value of these commodities is only going to keep rising. Buying IP blocks is a great way to purchase both IP addresses and their corresponding pages in bulk to generate a consistent source of advertising revenue along with the resale value of the commodities themselves.

3. Fall back on the stock market for stability.


The stock market is always a great play for investors. Even if you have chosen to branch out into the territories offered by alternative investments, returning home to the stock market to create stability is an important part of any investing strategy. Stability and security is the thing that drives these additional investment opportunities.

Without the security of index funds or bonds in your portfolio, these additional investment vehicles only act to overextend your risk without offering any surefire returns on the backend. Keeping your portfolio grounded with safety buys in the stock market is critical to finding advancing success elsewhere. It’s the thing that allows you to purchase a rich-or-bust type of asset. Investing in the market is simple, as well. There are now dozens, if not hundreds, of brokerage platforms that allow retail investors to get into the market with a self-directed portfolio of assets. And often, trades are free nowadays, so you can enjoy the flexibility to buy and sell as often as you like (in keeping with pattern day trader guidelines and regulations, of course).

The stock market offers a massive collection of companies and mutual funds, so you can buy into the types of assets that you like the best and avoid others without having to compromise on your fundamentals. A market is also a great place for beginners as a result of this asset diversity. Learning to trade in the stock market’s sheltered environment is a great way to foster a love of investing and build a core strategy that will propel you and your portfolio into the future in search of enhanced wealth generation.

Investing starts with knowledge building; Wherever your portfolio takes you, don’t forget the fundamentals you’ve built your trading career. Those essentials will help you make smarter decisions and secure better investment returns.