It’s no real surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has done little good for anyone around the world. In fact, to say that it has been the most damaging natural disaster of a generation would be an understatement. Not only has it hammered public health, but economies internationally have been decimated, and the working lives of so many have been compromised.

In a bid to start generating growth and reinvigorate the economy, the United States’ Government has enacted its contingency plan via stimulus checks. Households across America will soon be receiving their second stimulus check (the first being approved in March 2020, coinciding with the sudden surge of Coronavirus cases and the closing of many retailers and hospitality services).

Before getting into how best to spend them, you first know just these stimulus checks? Put simply; they’re essentially pocket money installments. As a way of getting Americans to spend money in the retail industry, and thus inputting back into the economy and regrowing it, stimulus checks provide taxpayers who earn less than $75k per annum (or $150k if joint taxpayers). The U.S. has had to send these out once before in recent memory. During the 2008 financial crash, stimulus checks were provided by the government as a way to circumnavigate potential financial hardship. While you are the one who gets the check, the economy is given the “stimulant.”

So, now it’s established just what they are, here are a few suggestions on what to use them for.

Spend it on yourself!

Let’s be honest, if there is any industry that has benefitted from the pandemic (aside from the pharmaceuticals and the online shopping) then it’s going to be the fast food takeaway and delivery restaurants. Coronavirus may be forcing everyone to keep a close eye on their respiratory health, but we can all probably admit that we haven’t really been looking at what we eat with quite as much scrutiny. It’s not uncommon these days, particularly if you have been forced to work from home, to find that your creativity in the kitchen has been squashed and you “may as well” just order out. (In the U.K., this was actually encouraged, as Her Majesty’s Government used restaurants and food vendors as a way to stimulate the economy!)

So if healthy eating was already on your New Year’s resolution list as a counteraction to these bad habits, then here is a suggestion to help. Go onto Swellnomore’s website and purchase the most powerful natural diuretic that you can from them. These digestion supplements are intended to do far more than help with weight loss, the enzymes and natural ingredients such as Juniper, Magnesium, Dandelion, Ginger, Vitamin B-6, Potassium, Green Tea Leaf, Parsley Extract and Hydrangea Root, amongst others, are intended to prevent water retention, swelling and inflammation caused by poor diet.

It’s worth pointing out that Swellnomore, whilst it is an antioxidant that is intended to remove harmful toxins from the body’s digestion system, and those promote better gut health, it is not a medication (so don’t take if you are not sure until you have spoken to your doctor.) That said, it has been endorsed by many doctors over the U.S. as a great way to remove water weight, and reduce swelling. This essential oil will act as a herb-based supplement that will allow your body and digestion to work in perfect harmony (although stopping yourself from ordering take-out is a whole other obstacle that we all must face!)

Spend it on your rooms!

At the end of the day, you’re more than likely going to be sick of the view of your own four walls. As so many American’s have to spend almost all day every day at their new office in their homes, you’d be forgiven if a few bad habits had surfaced. Aside from the take-outs, a few people have found themselves smoking (and not necessarily tobacco either!) But on a simpler level, you’re doing no harm to yourself if you’re not bothering to get all dressed up as there’s nowhere to go! That said, and there’s no delicate way to say this, the rooms that you have very little reason to leave right now, have probably started to pong.

So, give your rooms some much needed TLC in the form of an odor elimination spray. You probably haven’t noticed the rising scent of nicotine or other cigarette smells as there has been no one else there to point it out. No one’s judging, but if you’ve been enjoying a little bit of a relaxant through cannabidiols, then the smell of weed is something that is obvious to everyone else from a distance away.

Veil Odor Eliminator is a good way to prevent this from escaping the home. Eco-friendly, non-toxic and American-made, this odor spray is a must-have for any modern cannabis user, as it is designed to get rid of the smell of weed smoke. This way, when we are allowed to open our homes a little more, you can do so without any traces of smoke odor.

It might not improve the view, but it will certainly help it smell better!

Spend it on your homes!

Remember back when everywhere was shut down and everyone instantly declared that they would spend their free time on getting all of those household projects done and dusted? What happened?

Renovation is hard, that’s what happened! It’s much easier to replace a bulb than it is a tile, but it’s far easier to replace a tile than it is a window! So, if you want to boost that curb appeal for the folks who are passing by your home on their exercise allowances (as the gyms are invariably closed), then it’s best to spend a little money on getting in some professionals to finish the job.

Traverse City window companies such as All-Weather Seal are professionals that handle home and window improvements. They have years of experience as well as the workmanship to get the job done quickly and professionally. Yes, it is asking someone else to take on a task that you wanted to do yourself, but at the end of the day, putting back into the economy with local firms has the double honor of helping you help everyone.