Are you planning on selling your home yourself? There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages of being your own realtor. If you’re hoping to land the perfect buyer for your house, here are a few easy ways to turn your home’s “for sale” sign into a “sold” sign.

Stage It Perfectly

Staging your home means you’ve perfectly set it up so potential buyers can see themselves living there. It doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy new paintings or rugs, but rather that you’ve included all the furniture in the rooms, that spaces are tidy, and that your home looks like someone could live there.

Since you’ll be selling your home yourself, you’ll be responsible for staging it. This might mean that you need to rent out a storage space and remove some of your bigger or more personal possessions. Your staged house should have a somewhat universal feel to it, meaning that the layout should be traditional and the more unique objects or pieces are put away.

You can’t possibly account for every potential buyers’ tastes, so you want to set up your home in a way that is appealing to the majority of people and allows them to see themselves living in your space. While you might hate having a dining space, that’s something your potential buyers will be looking for. Put yourself in the shoes of those who are coming to see the home and give them an attractive home that’s staged to sell.

Take Great Photos

Many home buyers use the internet to find the houses they want to see, and of those who do, 87% found photos extremely important. People who are browsing for homes online want to get an idea of what the houses look like before they decide to see it, so your pictures need to inspire potential buyers to schedule a tour.

After you’ve beautifully staged your home, you can take the pictures for your online listing. These pictures should show off everything you like about the house and give potential buyers a good idea of the home’s potential. Since you’re your own realtor, you’ll need to make sure you’re taking the best pictures. Invest in a quality camera and ibi made by Sandisk so you can store the photos and back them up.

Try to take the photos from angles that show off the entire room, and use natural lighting over the camera’s flash. While you’re photographing, take plenty of pictures and go through the options later. This will help you find the perfect photos for your home’s listing.

Write An Enticing Listing

Your photos and your staging will help you craft an enticing listing to draw in the right buyer. Focus on the strengths highlighted in the pictures you’re going to include with the listing and use eye-catching adjectives like “impeccable” or “captivating.” Be sure to mention the unique features in your home and what will make it stand out from others in the neighborhood. You want to make your listing about 250 words, so it needs to be concise while also drawing in potential buyers.

Always proofread what you’ve written before posting it and keep your writing professional. Avoid exclamation points and abbreviations. Even though you aren’t a realtor, you’re representing your home, which means you still need to act professionally. The last thing you want is for the perfect buyer to be turned away by a typo in your listing online. Your well-crafted description should inspire people to schedule a tour of your home.

With gorgeous staging, perfect pictures, and an eye-catching listing online, you’re sure to sell your home in no time.